Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i'm one of a kind!

so today i happily found out that while there may be 4,563 people with the name zina (how did that many parents name their child 'illicit fornication'- which is what my name means in arabic) and there are 882 bennions (that has to be wrong. . . there are that many in my immediate family alone!) I and THE ONLY zina bennion. sigh. its good to know you are one of a kind.
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How many have your name?

Friday, May 23, 2008


hello friends
sorry i've been so absent. no excuse really, just a little hiatus. i took a trip back east to visit friends and sisters, took a little backpacking trip, and have just been enjoying spring here in provo. however, i haven't been entirely absent from the blogosphere, my super cool hero friend raquel works for the downtown provo alliance and invited me to be a guest blogger on the downtown blog to talk about some of my favorite local downtown businesses. you can read them here. i promise i'll blog something cool soon. but in the meantime if anyone wants to come help me and my parents move 70 tons of stone next weekend, well, consider yourself invited.