Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merriest of christmases to you

hi friends.
sorry i'm such a slacker poster. but i thought i'd send a little holiday greeting and my love to whomever looks (especially you ashmae for looking so often). i'm in new york for christmas with my sisters. its always a little surreal to be here because its so familiar that i never seem to notice an adjustment. even coming from my silent snowy solitude at the ranch. strange to watch so many people rushing about shopping on christmas eve, i wonder what deer have been in my yard today, and what the cats have been doing. its lovely to be with my sisters and friends though. i hope you all have a cozy, loving holiday. i love christmas for the sheer fact that it is a time to contemplate the miraculous birth of that miraculous babe, born in a manger who lived, died, and rose again perfectly for me and for you. i love him. and i love you all. xoxo. merry christmas.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


the other day pomegranates were on sale for .99 cents at terrels. i love pomegranates. they are the most beautiful of all fruits. they are like a next of glorious gems hidden under that gorgeous red skin. i love the way they taste and feel in your mouth. i love to just look at them for hours. in italy i became obsessed with them and would buy them at the market each day to draw in class. i did lots of drawings, and then an extensive etching of them. i miss making drawings. i am going to start doing that. and painting. its been too long. sigh.