Thursday, September 14, 2006

Go easy now. . .

Well, they've done it again. Hem has delivered. I recently trotted down to my local music vendor and purchased their new release (Sept. 5) Funnel Cloud and have been listening to it ever since. Since my discovery of Hem (3 or 4 years ago?) they have topped my list of all time favorite bands. They are gentle, transportive, comforting, clear. I went so far as to coordinate a yearly trip to NYC to hear them play in their home neighborhood in Brooklyn (WELL worth it).
This new album lives up to it's predecesors (Rabbit Songs, I'm Talking with My Mouth, Eveningland, No Word From Tom) with my personal favs He Came to Meet Me, Hotel Fire, & the title track.

Friday, September 01, 2006

East of the Beehive

After nine weeks of living in a yurt and being a teen boy, I decided it was time to scrub up and take my annual bite out of my former big apple home. So after a few frantic days finding a house (in 45 mintues), packing, etc. I took off to see my older sister and celebrate her birthday in NYC. My little sis came the next day so it was the Bennion gals together at last. The city was fun, but I found myself feeling nauseated by the amount of consumption and money flow I felt teeming around me. After a summer of simple living I had culture shock for the first time in a city I know and love. (Louisa and Adah closing up at Jacks, the coffee shop my sister manages in the West Village) So I did what any self respecting scared rabbit would do and ran for the beach. I went out to Long Beach, Long Island to stay with my brother-friend Jesse and his rad family. It was just right and we enjoyed quite boardwalk strolls, fish dinner by the water, and a most excellent day on the sand (despite the TERRIBLE burn on got on my tummy. . . that part of my body was still snowy white). We had a terrific bash for my sisters birthday at the pent house of a friend on Central Park West that we always stay with, lots of amazing food, people, and views.
It was great to spend time with the sistas, see some art, eat good food, and find a few things you can't find in Utah.

I took Adah to all my favorite spots in the Met, including the awesome Seraphim in the ancient near eastern wing. . . then we got lost at the Egyptian temple. . . and that's Jesse with some of his amazing art.

The second week of my vacation was spent most delightfully on my annual reunion trip with my three best girl friends from college. We meet each summer somewhere new and explore together. This summer Cape Cod was our destination and we packed ourselves into Courtney's tiny turquoise truck and hit the road. We camped at a lovely little camp ground secluded in the pines, within walking distance of the beach and the fabulous ponds of crystal clear fresh water that dot the cape. Despite the astronomical costs ($70 a night just to camp!) it was a charming place. We enjoyed extensive swimming and lounging time, strolling in quaint villages, oggling boats, a sailing trip with a friend, fresh fish, square dancing on the dock (where I found myself in line to do the Virginnia reel with some folks from my mission!), and general bliss.

First night campfire. . . la plage. . . bluettes for breakfast. . . the warf in Provincetown

Due to a family emergency however, our dear Laurel had to leave for Vermont in the middle of the trip, so Court and Erin and I made our way unexpectedly to Concord, New Hampshire to stay with Court's mom. Suddenly it was fall, dark rainy skies, a few of the dense leaves changing, and New England charm. The highlight of this time was a whale watching trip of the NH and Maine coast! We saw three Fin whales (60 feet long!), a Minky whale, and a whole pod (30-40) dolpins leaping and playing around us (there where even baby ones!). Pretty much it fulfilled all my marine biologist dreams from fourth grade, I was giddy as a school girl.
Our journey back to the city took us through New Haven
where we stopped for Thai with our dear from Paul who is in grad school at Yale. The perfect end to a beautiful trip.

New Hampshire green. . .rainy Mass turnpike. . .Paul. . .fog on the coast