Thursday, August 16, 2007


yesterday around 6 pm we were sitting in davey´s aunt´s apartament with the family when my chair began to wiggle a little, and then a little more, and then i realized that the whole room, and the whole building was not just wiggling, but shaking. we all jumped up and huddled under a doorway hugging, holding hands and davey´s uncle ´tata´ calling out to god to spare us. for about two minutes we room surfed, i was half smiling, half imagining what would happen if the building collapsed. but we were fine. the streets were full of people yelling, running, trying their dead cell phones. we ran back to the house we are staying at, half laughing, taking pictures as we ran. CRAZY!!! i guess it was about 7.6 on the r. scale. pretty big. it hit harder in the south. 387 dead, including, sadly, the 84 year old neighbor who we had met only two days before who called me a pretty doll. sad. there is an open casket outside the front door and lots of people sitting with the body.
we are safe though, and tonigh headed for huaraz to do some hiking in the andes and hopfully breath some clean air! xoxo

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Curious Llama

well. . . i leave in 6 and a half hours for PERU!!! for a month. so there will be a blogging hiatus. . . the plan is backpacking in the andes, paragliding in lima, macchu picchu (duh), chillaxin' in the 'zon (thats amazon), reed boats in lake titicaca, and river rafting in arequipa. i'll post some pics when i'm back! xoxo zlb

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

this is for raquel

when asked recently what my favorite summer memories were, i instantly thought of the summer solstice when my dear friend r
and her husband came and did an earth art project with the kids at the ranch. we made huge yeti effigies on the ground out of branches and stones and then covered them with cob (mixture of straw, clay and water). of course what this means is essentially and very big, very messy, very fun mud fight.