Wednesday, August 11, 2010


i've been a really crappy blogger this summer. and i only check email about once every two weeks. and i never listen to voicemail. i just love being on vacation!
i realized that i haven't updated my acquisitions in a long time. and frankly i've not been as precise it what i've aquired- it's been more organic over the summer. but here is a list of some of the movies and books i've gotten and what i think of them:
this book is really fantastic. i'm only half way through and it is so wonderful. fromm speaks my language relating everything back to the story of adam and eve. my favorite. the principles he teach make so much sense to me and align so perfectly with my beliefs and understanding of truth, love and relationships. highly recommended. thanks dana for turning me on to it!
next up is the criterion collection box set of three of the amazing danish film maker carl dreyer's films. i recently watched his 'passion of joan of arc' and was blown away by it. his film 'ordet' is one of my all time favorite films, and i've been wanting to own it for some time. however, you can only buy it on dvd in this box set, so i went for it (especially since i found a super good deal on a slightly used set). his films are very intense, sparse, and magnificent.
at one point this summer i wound up with six hours to myself in the albuquerque airport (coming home from visiting some friends and my flight was overbooked so i opted to take the next flight which earned me a free ticket!) and i quickly ran out of reading material. so i bought this in an airport bookshop as i've always wanted to read it and it was the perfect summer read filled with mystery, literary allusions, complex ideas and plot and lots of nerdy medieval history details that i loved. such a great read.another trip this summer was out to missouri to see my grandma and aunts and uncles. my grandma bennion and aunts are all amazing quilters and fabric magic workers and i have finally decided to try my hand at sewing. my aunt lucy and i went to one of her favorite quilt shops where i fell head over heels in love with kaffe fassett's designs and fabrics and bought this book to guide me in my first quilt.

Friday, August 06, 2010

probably i should get this

thanks hailey for finding it, reubs would be the cutest little halloween shark. i went and saw 'how to train your dragon' yesterday at the dollar theater. so great. and toothless the main dragon, so reubs.