Tuesday, June 15, 2010

teen land

well i am settled in a birch creek service ranch for the 8th year (i think? losing track . . . ) sleeping in a bunk bed, playing ninja destruction, constantly filthy, making hemp bracelets, having a ball. you get the picture. the kids are as great as ever, but i find as i get older that i am in a continual burn out phase. my energy just does not match that of these bouncy 12-15 year old girls. sigh.
oh well. i saw this photo on my friend rosie's blog and it made me cry i laughed so hard, so i had to share it. that dog, that kid. amazing. peace out teens.

Monday, June 07, 2010

summer finally

photos by jonathon ong
sweet glorious summer is finally here and i am relishing in sleeping in till the sunlight is so bright and the birds are so loud i have to get up. then i read and eat breakfast on my porch swing. and then i garden planting lots of flowers and veggies. then i putter- lots of work to do around the house, office, etc. and i make food. and i read. and i am getting ready for the rest of summer. this photo is lovely, i think i'll have to try this in my backyard, i'm envisioning some pretty sweet garden parties there. mmmmmm. . . .summer. popsicles, drive in, evening walks. so good.