Monday, August 25, 2008

back on the ranch

hi folks.
sorry for the summer blogging hiatus. but i'm back! and with big news. . . i moved! i guess that isn't that big of news, but it feels big to me for after five years in provo (wow was it really five???) i have gone back to my roots, i've moved back to sanpete county. . . and to be precise am living on the ranch (yes the same one i work at all summer). it came about because a. i knew i needed to leave provo, b. i NEED to finish my thesis and c. the whole summer at the ranch i kept looking around and thinking 'man i sure love it here, i wish i could just stay'. . . and then i figured why not? we have a beautiful straw bale lodge that needs care and watching, so i am the steward of the lodge, land, pigs, reuben my cat and now momo the ranch kitten. moving down involved several painful days of packing, cleaning, a u-haul, and lots of sweat. thanks to those that helped. i'm slowly settling in and making the lodge more of a home and am enjoying immensely the open space, quiet, solitude and beauty. i have the best view of the valley and sunsets, 80 acres at my discretion, and tons of fun projects like building some small winter garden greenhouse things, stained glass, furniture making, a rag rug loom, and for the past couple of days i've borrowed my mom's pressure steamer and have been canning green beans from the garden. so far i am loving it. last night i couldn't fall asleep because i kept thinking of projects and things i want to do. and this morning on my walk around the property i kept pinching myself thinking how lucky i am. i have no internet (which is a good thing.. .die facebook die) so blogging may be here and there but hopefully a lot more interesting. i have been reading lots, watching planet earth, writing snail mail letters, and just being still. it does get a bit lonesome, but there is PLENTY of space for guests and parties. so consider yourself invited any ol' time you need a break from inversion, traffic, noise, or people. xoxo, zina