Wednesday, December 20, 2006


A few weeks ago my roommate Ash had her horoscope read. Like the full deal, we're talking 13 pages of detailed information and personality descriptions. Despite our skeptical approach to it, the document proved to be more dead on than any of us were really comfortable admitting and even caused me to ask my mom what time I was born at in hopes of having my own done. I haven't, I've been too busy/lazy. One morning while Ash was giving her chart a more thorough perusal, she came across a link to a webpage that would tell her the name of her soulmate based on her zodiac information! This was the invite of the ages and before she knew what was good for her she was whizzing through series of questions and sign-ups in order to have her love's name texted to her. Sadly, her stars weren't quite lined up, because all they told her is that his eyes will be blue, green, or brown, he will be an aquarius, virgo, or scoripio, and his name will start with X, P, R, V, S, E, or T. Not too specific. She was crushed.
Fast forward to today, I'm in bed, procrastinating as usual, and I run across a quiz on my friends blog to tell you what kind of Christmas ornament you are. Yup. I'm avoiding my paper so much that I debase myself and go to the page. But, to my ecstatic surprise, there in bold letters, is a link stating GET THE NAME OF YOUR SOULMATE. I didn't need any prompting. It was easy. I just entered my sex, first name, zodiac sign and phone number. In less than a minute I got this text:
Your calculated match is Sean. Together, the two of you will be fruitful whether you are creating a family, a business, or an artistic enterprise.
So there you have it folks. I know who my soulmate is. Pretty lucky day I'd say. Merry Christmas early.

Monday, December 18, 2006

We must be living right. . .

Because we got all this GLORIOUS SNOW!!!!!! Isn't it perfect? I'm pretty much the happiest kid in the country. Late Friday night it started coming down, but to my surprise, and didn't quit till Sunday eveningish. I haven't had time yet to enjoy it in proper style (ie sledding or snowshoeing) but I've taken several walks and enjoyed feeling like I live in a snow globe.
Also, to add to the list of Christmas festivities, on Saturday night we threw a surprise party for my friend Jason (that's him by the deer), that was a birthday/ecosapian party. . .so everyone dressed up like a tree/wood nymph in shades of brown and green, and I made a cake festooned with leaves. We all hid in the darkend house, and gave him near heart attack. Then a friend dressed as Paul Bunyan the corporatesapian came in and tried to cut us all down, until the Lorax (played by Cheri with straw mustache) jumped out and stopped him. Then we all sang "the earth is our mother. . . we must take care of her" hippie chant till he converted his tree cutting ways. (Jason is pres. of the local eco-response club. . .hence the eco themed party). Needless to say he loved it. And then when the drum circle started, our upstairs neighbors pitched a fit so we took our party out into the winter wonderland where we sauntered up and down Center street, drumming, singing, dancing, and making snow angles and peace signs in the snow. The inner hippy had emerged in all of us to celebrate birthdays, snow, and Christmas is fine style!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Santa came early

Announcing a new member of my family. . . tah-dah!!!! La mia nuova biccicletta!!!! Isn't she a beaut!!! I ordered this fabuloso mode of transportation a few months ago, and it finally came today. I was so happy I didn't mind at all that it was raining as I rode her home in the dark. . . because not only does she have a compass and a scope. . . I mean rain/mud guards and a skirt guard, but also a front and back light! (and the front is powered by a little generator that runs off my turning wheel). So pretty much anyone who wants to take a bike ride anytime, I am so down. I think I'll call her Cletta (as in the last part of the italian biccicletta). So I'm pretty much head over heels in love, Merry Christmas kids. . . hurry and write Santa a letter, maybe if you've been good he'll bring you one. P.S. yes that is my oversized flannal nightshirt with bucking broncos on it. . .my roommate says it makes me look like a trailer dwelling floozy in a mining town in WV, all I say is it keeps me warm.