Tuesday, June 10, 2008

gone baby gone

hi kids
sorry. summers are real bad for my blogging because pretty much i spend almost all of it in places where the internet doesn't exist (which i like a lot). as of tomorrow morning i'll be on my way to 2 1/2 weeks of bliss in the grand canyon on the river (which is my favorite place in the world hands down). it will be a great trip with my WHOLE family, plus cousins, friends and 117 degree weather. perfect. then once i'm back its ranch time. i've been working all this last week with the staff getting the place ready, and the first batch of boys arrived yesterday. i'll admit i'm sad to miss a session, i love love love that place/people, but this river trip is going to be great. i'm really looking forward to the girl's session which by the way is still not full and could use some more awesome ladies so if you got 'em (12-15) PLEASE send them my way (www.birchcreekranch.org).
i hope all y'all are getting your hands dirty often, perfecting your farmer's tans, and sleeping under stars. xo xo