Tuesday, December 25, 2007

the creep

So the packing continues this lovely Christmas day. . . and so does the discovery of old childhood treasures. When we were little our mommio would make us little simple bound books that we would then draw in and make up stories. We would then narrate the story to mom and she would write on each page what was happening in our drawings. These pages come from a little book that I'm guessing is circa 3-4 years old for me. Apparently I was clearly aware of the male anatomy (my parents always had us use proper names rather than silly nicknames), and apparently even at that young age I understood that guys could be creeps.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Santa Baby

So for those who don't know, my parents sold our home, the only home I've known these past 28 years. But its ok. It's time for them to downsize and build a small energy efficient house. I'm excited for them. As a result, Christmas this year equals packing. And here's a true confession. .. I actually really like sorting, throwing out, packing, cleaning. . . so I guess its good I'm the daughter that still lives close to home. The best part is all the treasures you find. . . like the lock of my mom's golden hair from when she was five and got gum in her hair, to the sweet letter President Kimball wrote to my grandparents, and the best of them all so far. . . (drum roll) was finding my old letters to Santa. Now, let it be known I was and still am, a very trusting/believing person. I held onto the belief in Santa, despite my older sisters best efforts to dissuade, as long as possible. It was only when in third grade and I actually found the stash of my letters in my mom's drawer that I finally threw in the towel. But man, oh man did I write some killer letters. The following are two gems, and then a follow up letter in which I actually ask Santa to be my pen-pal (I was WAY in to pen-pals). Also note my horrible spelling, and the fact that I want a pound purry TWO years in a row . . . which I finally did get. So Merry Christmas all, may we rekindle our childhood belief in a fat man in a red suit who brings us our dreams in a bag. P.S. how awesome is it that I asked for a ghetto blaster? How the crap did I even know what that was? I grew up with no t.v. in a rural farming community???!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007


I've been a lazy poster, so I think I'll do a bulleted list of whats new in my life:
  • my roommates and I just got accepted into the Moab half-marathon!!! this means lots of running for me, some new shoes, and no white flour or sugar.
  • I am reading "The Idiot" and really liking it. Also read "The History of Love" recently which I LOVED.
  • Reuben got a sweater and looks real cute in it
  • My parents sold our home. . . sad, but good. Looks like Christmas = packing for me.
  • I had a dream recently about tiny horses that could fly that would nuzzle my nose, I can't stop wishing I really had one.
  • My sisters were home last week. . . I sure love them.
  • Hot water bottles are my salvation.
  • I have been watching "The Long Way Round" this awesome british t.v. show about Ewan McGregor and his best mate Charlie riding round the world on motorcycles. . . sigh. How I wish I were doing that right now.
  • It's really nice to be in the position of giving and grading final exams rather than taking them.
Well, that's pretty much it. Pretty boring, but pretty great. xoxox, zina

Wednesday, December 05, 2007