Saturday, March 31, 2007

My own private motercycle diary

Those who know me, know I have an incurable disease. . . wanderlust. I'm well aware of it, and take the necessary precautions, but every so often it flares up and the itch to hop a jet plane, boat, bike, or my feet becomes so strong I just have to fly the coop. I'd like to say I have an organized method to guiding my traveling whims, but I want to go so many places, and am so open to any adventure that someone just hast to mention and idea and I'm hooked. That's how my month long trip to Peru (with a week in Chile too!) slated for this summer (mid August to mid September) came about. My friend Camille g-chatted me one day saying she wanted to take and trip, and was I up for it, and did I want to go to Peru? . . . well, I started thinking, and looking and talking to friends who'd been. . . and voila! A trip was born! Early in the plans I said nonchalantly to my friend Davey "hey, wanna go to Peru?" to which he gave an emphatic YES and voila! I have a traveling companion. Now I spend my free time thinking about, reading about, imagining, and researching all things Peruvian. So if you have any advice, places to go, etc. send them along! So far the advice we've received consists of: watch out for loose women with STD's, try some halucinagenic plant in the Amazon, and beware calm looking people on crowded buses who may suddenly vomit on your leg. We're off to a great start.

Monday, March 26, 2007


So last Saturday was the annual Holi color fest at the local Hare Krishna joint, you know the one, Spanish Fork, llamas, passion plays a la Krishna, huge bonfire replete with weird-o witch effigy, and the thing we all go for. . . little plastic bags filled with fine powder in a brilliant array of colors made for one purpose. . . throwing it at your friends and strangers. It rocks. Here's some pics from two years ago and this year. Enjoy. Go throw some color.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Yesterday I got my hair cut . . . and it's short! Still 'long' by some standards, it hits just below my shoulder, but it's the shortest mine's been since I was three. I like it though, I wasn't sad. I figure hair grows, so who cares how long it is. I think the hairdresser was pretty much shocked and appalled when I announced to him that I do not own a blow dryer or one of those straighterner things . . . and that I only brush every so often and never 'do' my hair. I told him I want my hair like a pony and I think he wanted to die! But he did a fantastic job despite my unruliness, so my hats off!

Monday, March 19, 2007


In no particular order some of my favorite things about spring: bikes, skirts, daffoldils, hyacinth, lilacs, birds, longer evenings, SUN, blossoms, cadburry eggs (the small ones), picnics, community, FRIENDS, cotton sheets, breezes, kites, bouncy songs, no coats, playing outside, clean air, baby sheep, ducklings, bright blue skies with breezy clouds, school ending, sunburns, laughter, camping, my flipflops, everything!
Yeah, pretty much all I've been doing is bike rides, lying in the sun, and hanging out. . . It's the best ever.

bike love!, slurpees!, friends!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Eulogies and Bullhorns

Some recent fun we've had in this neck of the woods include:
1) a funeral/birthday for our friend Chris (he's obsessed with death, in a Latin American sort of way), replete with a funeral parlor living room festooned with somber candles, organ music, a spanish father reading psalms, weeping/giggling guests, a love letter from a cat, eulogies, Neruda, and a miraculous raising from the dead!
2) the next morning we got up bright and early to go raise our voices and shake our fists at the gov.'s mansion in SLC to ask gov. Hunstman to please veto SB155 which would allow Energy Sollutions to expand nuclear waste dumping 50 miles outside SLC without any oversight. 80% of Utahn's were against the bill, but the legislature voted for it by 70% (they also got campaign contributions from Energy Sollutions. We had a good turnout, around 100 and got a lot of honk and wave support from passers by, and some good media coverage. Alas, the gov didn't really listen, and didn't veto the bill. . . so we figuring out the next step (plan a involves a chicken the size of a semi, plan b involves a large add in the tribune). All pics in this post compliments of the totally awesome Davey oh Davey!