Thursday, September 14, 2006

Go easy now. . .

Well, they've done it again. Hem has delivered. I recently trotted down to my local music vendor and purchased their new release (Sept. 5) Funnel Cloud and have been listening to it ever since. Since my discovery of Hem (3 or 4 years ago?) they have topped my list of all time favorite bands. They are gentle, transportive, comforting, clear. I went so far as to coordinate a yearly trip to NYC to hear them play in their home neighborhood in Brooklyn (WELL worth it).
This new album lives up to it's predecesors (Rabbit Songs, I'm Talking with My Mouth, Eveningland, No Word From Tom) with my personal favs He Came to Meet Me, Hotel Fire, & the title track.

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Dainon said...

I think I learned of the Hem from you, missy. I've yet to pick up a complete album, but I appreciated the kind gesture in my direction nonetheless.