Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I love my mom. She is a total babe. When I was a kid I used to feel sorry for other kids that their mom wasn't my mom because I was pretty sure no mom could be as good as mine. I still kind of feel that way. I could wax on and on about all the things I love and admire about her, but for today I'll name my top ten (not in rank order): 1. she has always given such unconditional love to me, 2. she is one of the most generous humans I know, 3. service is a part of everything she does in the most unassuming way, 4. she is completely down to earth and steady, 5. she has a great sense of humor, 6. she is a doer- when she wants something done she researches it, figures out what to do, and does it, 7. she is a woman of deep and quiet faith, 8. she is an incredible artist, 9. she is humble and modest always, 10. she is so kind to all people and animals she meets. (bonus 11. did I mention she makes the BEST pies anywhere? Don't believe me? Just try her lemon sour cream pie and see if you don't agree!). Yeah for moms!


Papa Joe said...

#12. She has never been afraid to tell her husband when his fly is open in a way that is not demeaning.

Dainon said...

I like #12 the best.