Tuesday, August 07, 2007

this is for raquel

when asked recently what my favorite summer memories were, i instantly thought of the summer solstice when my dear friend r
and her husband came and did an earth art project with the kids at the ranch. we made huge yeti effigies on the ground out of branches and stones and then covered them with cob (mixture of straw, clay and water). of course what this means is essentially and very big, very messy, very fun mud fight.


grittypretty said...

i'm tickled PINK and thrilled beyond SAN PETE COUNTY that i'm featured on your blog with my very OWN post. muchas gracias chica! it was fun to be mud soaked with all of you PROS.=)

Aimee said...

love the photo! and what a fun, messy, memory. honestly i am green with envy over the summer you had, it looks just so fun.

sara said...

ever since eric asked us that question, my list of my favorite summer memories continues to grow & grow. i can't pick just one!