Friday, May 22, 2009


sorry for the sloth-like delay in posting anything about my trip. it's been a little crazy. i got back from cr last thursday morning at 3 am, then left at 5 am on a weekend river trip down cataract canyon with the wasatch academy jr. class. the trip was a blast, but the water was HUGE (40,000 cfs). we had two flips and a broken down bus on the way home (for 7 hours), so i didn't get home till 5 am monday. since then i've been packing all my belongings and trying to move out of the lodge so we can get it ready for the ranch to start. today i am leaving for snowbird for a week to do a wilderness first responder first aid course (wfr). craziness! but fun!
so . . . i did indeed see a mama sloth and her baby, but not at the sloth sanctuary. we never made it to the Caribbean side after being told it was a gross scene by some germans we met at playa matapalo. incidentally, said germans were also the one's who pointed out this sloth to me in the almond tree right next to the beach we were lounging on. we watched her and her wee on for all three days we were there. i got to see her and the baby seperate, eat leaves, yawn, and move it's hand (this is a big deal considering she is motionless most the time!). truly, it satisfied all my sloth dreams.


Ann Marie said...

hooray for sloth-sighting!

can't wait for more photos of your trip.

good luck at snowbird. happy summer at the ranch. jealous!

Cindy said...

What if you had tried to touch her baby? Would she have moved fast?