Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Back on the Ranch

Dear faithful readers, (of whom I'm assuming there are about two). Let me apologize for my lapse in bloggingness, my life as a teen boy has been exceptionaly busy these last few weeks, and whilst every day contained many blog worthy events, pics, and anecdotes. . . alas my proximity to the internet, and time sufficient to blog have both been severely impared. Since I last posted the first session of boys ended, I ran the first ever girl's session, and now the second boy's session is underway. . . so there is a lot to report on for all you hungry for the latest BCSR gossip. Hopefully over today and tomorrow I'll be able to post about the end of the boy's first session, and the girl's session- baring this afternoon thunderstorm doesn't knock the power out for a few hours as it is wont to do.

The horned flaming bus, one of our many fine vehicles
used for toting teens around the valley.


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