Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hippy up, or fight in the war

At the ranch, we fill our afternoons with a variety of excellent activities co-ordinated by my dear friend Neil, or by my soul sister Kelly. An example of the disparity which can exist in the interests of teen boys is the combo we had one day of either making tie dyed t-shirts , or marshmallow guns and bunkers for a full fledged war. Being the once founder, owner, and sole employee of Zi-Dyes (yes, yes, I was a high school hippy and thought it cooler than cool to wear at least three different tie-dyes at a time layered with old jeans and a chunky brown sweater)- I opted for the more peaceful of the two activities. I'll admit I took some pleasure in instructing the boys in the making of shirts that undoubtably would cause some of their parents to squirm when they welcomed their camper home clad in the rainbow of hippy peace with his neck still encrusted in dirt. One boy told us how last year he'd made a tie-dye shirt and his mother hid it from him the whole year saying it was lost, only to pull it out in time for camp- the only place she saw fit for him to wear such a thing. The boys did a remarkable job, and the shirts turned out super.

As you can see though, the war faring group didn't do half bad either. The following pics illustrate the construction, love, and result of a good mallow gun.

Clark and Max B. designing their guns, Graham with "The Death Taker", and Pancho post war.


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