Thursday, October 12, 2006

Autumnal times

I love the fall. I love the air that can turn like a gypsy from enveloping mellow warm to a sharp lick that bites under your nose and chin. I love the daily shifting palette in the sky, on the mountains, and in the streets as greens slide to yellows and oranges to russet, then brown. I love days shrouded in a wet gray cloak, and those infused with a harvest sun. I love scarves in the morning and tees by afternoon. I love needing tea before bed and slippers on my feet. I love voluptuous gourds in my soup and stove smoke lacing the roof. A few weeks ago I took a lovely fall hike up to the top of Horseshoe Mountain near my hometown, with my sister (in from New York) and my friend Magnus (here from Norway). It was a riot of color, with seasons from late summer to early winter (it snowed on the top!). Needless to say we had a most enjoyable time.
Other fallish activities have included a host of suppers made from fall veggies (usually curries!); getting doughnuts from the bakery across the street and taking Saturday morning walks through the streets of my neighborhood so brightly festoned with colorful leaves; riding my bike fast in the morning turning my nose and cheeks red; knitting a new scarf; sleeping with two down quilts and the window open (well it's broken so I have no choice); generally delighting in the fine quality of this beautiful time of the year. So here's wishing you all a most enjoyable fall.


Dainon said...

Here's wishing one right back in your general direction. You are an adventuring sort, are you not? I love the zeal of your spirit.

kel said...

mmmmm! thanks for this post. i love autumn best and i feel even more in love with it when i see see views like that of the mountains!

Anonymous said...

Hey...I know Magnus, too. Small world.