Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Santa came early

Announcing a new member of my family. . . tah-dah!!!! La mia nuova biccicletta!!!! Isn't she a beaut!!! I ordered this fabuloso mode of transportation a few months ago, and it finally came today. I was so happy I didn't mind at all that it was raining as I rode her home in the dark. . . because not only does she have a compass and a scope. . . I mean rain/mud guards and a skirt guard, but also a front and back light! (and the front is powered by a little generator that runs off my turning wheel). So pretty much anyone who wants to take a bike ride anytime, I am so down. I think I'll call her Cletta (as in the last part of the italian biccicletta). So I'm pretty much head over heels in love, Merry Christmas kids. . . hurry and write Santa a letter, maybe if you've been good he'll bring you one. P.S. yes that is my oversized flannal nightshirt with bucking broncos on it. . .my roommate says it makes me look like a trailer dwelling floozy in a mining town in WV, all I say is it keeps me warm.


Dainon said...

Knowing how cold it gets in your place, I'd wear something like that, too. Plus wool socks and a fluffy beanie.

Soon you'll have music to make you feel even warmer.

eped said...

nice wheels & chic name. I'm trying to decide if my bike even deserves a name after all these years.