Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby Cat!

I'm not sure exactly when Reuben's birthday is, but it's sometime in the beginning of June. So he's turning the big 2, and getting more handsome and sweet each day. While most might find him hard to love, I feel like the luckiest mama cat ever. I'm so grateful for that little hairless wonder and love him to bits.


Dainon said...

It's a rat. Come clean.

H said...

Julian and I send birthday wishes, remembering Reuben in his funny & funky kittenhood.

Do you know the song, "You must have been a beautiful baby [kitten] 'cause Baby [Kitten] look at you now-ow -oow!" More handsome? ~ ummm, o.k.

Happy Birthday Reuben, and Zina!

Mama Lee said...

Happy Birthday Grandson! Its nice to have you home for the summer vacation with your beautiful Mommie!
Mama Lee

sara said...

rooobie scooobs i miss you!

joe the potter said...

What cat?