Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Teen Boys

Well, I'm back to teeing it up for the summer. . .which means my blog is a year old! crazy!
The ranch is going well so far, I've been doing a lot of cooking and kitchen work so far, but am itching to take a work crew out shoveling manure or bucking bales. I've made a pretty complete transformation into boyhood. . . i'm always dirty and rarely care, I shower infrequently, and find myself resorting to Chuck Norris as a point of reference in conversation. I've been sort of accident prone so far. . . I keep finding random bruises in odd spots, the other day I burnt my hand pretty bad getting a pan out of the oven, and then today I sliced a really deep cut in my right pointer. . . I'm not really sure how bad it is, I couldn't look at it. . .I started spurting blood everywhere so I just held it tight under the sink and then hobbled to a low seat where I blacked out for a moment or too. Not my finest moment to be sure. I'm just hoping I'm having all my bad luck the first week. . . and that these events do not foreshadow some pending doom! (j/k j/k). Oh and the other thing? I'm tuckered out 24/7. . . these boys are wearing me out! Thank goodness I will never have 26 children at once.


Aimee said...

Happy Blogaversary! :)

That's no good about your cut and other odd bruises. Hopefully you were just getting it all out of the way and the rest of the time will be smooth sailing. Love the photos on facebook by the way!

kel said...

well done. you kick butt even when you're blacking out and have that whoooshing in your ears.

plus, your own kids will be like a million times cuter than any of those scabby boys... and that definitely helps.

Douglass Family said...

Just make sure there are a few limbs left by the time I get to see you next! Glad you are enjoying those boys. Whip them into shape! Wphsh! (Whipping sound)