Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I woke up this morning around 5:30 because I was having a dream that I needed to throw up, I realized once semi-cognizant that this was not simply a dream, but a reality. Then ensued about six hours of not so pleasant stomach flu, the likes of which I've not experienced since childhood. And while that aspect of the day was most unpleasant, it has been a little blessing in disguise in that it allowed me a full day of sleeping, reading, cuddling with my cat, and watching Amelie. I was able to read the entire graphic novel "Blankets" by Craig Thompson which I really liked immensely. I also made a mix cd for a friend, and contemplated gratitude on this eve of Thanksgiving. So here is my 2007 partial gratitude list (partial in that it is only a fraction of the things I am grateful for, really stream of consciousness):
-a safe beautiful home with lovely green walls, splendid roommates, and the comfiest bed in the world
-my parents and sisters
-my delicious bike
-my passport and the stamps it acquired this year
-dear friends across the globe
-dear friends who bring me gatorade, sprite and jamba juice when I'm sick
-my little cat
-free wood and a wood stove
-hard work
-coca tea
-wool felt hats
-the gospel
-making collages
-a pretty green bracelet
-the ranch
-the smell of rain, and woodsmoke
-the best cookie recipe in the world
-great books/films/music/art


andi said...

Did you get better? What does a girl have to do to get a copy of that mix CD? Hey, you should come to dinner on sunday night. email me if you get this in time ...

Geo said...

I think you are generally oriented to gratitude! It's lovely. Glad you managed to turn a sick day into a cozy one.

Dainon. said...