Thursday, October 23, 2008

halloween is a scary scary day

because that is the day i have to turn my thesis manuscript into my committee. EEEK! after four straight hours of meeting with members of my committee yesterday, some fool hardy confidence and a BURNING desire to be done will hopefully be enough to get me through the next eight days. last night i dreamed all night of collecting data . . . except it was my cats working that i was studying . . . so weird. wish me luck! xoxo


Lindsey P said...

This is so exciting! good luck! I'm going to be jelous when you get done. We'll go celebrate.

Lost Coyote said...

Good Luck.

Abbey says: "When the writer has done his best, he then should proceed to do his second best."

Jenny Mauro said...

You can dooo eeeet!! L,jen

K8 said...

you can do it! you can do it! you will do it.

as queen victoria said, we are not interested in the possibility of defeat.

H said...

Here is a little cheer for ZB:
Lean to the left,
Lean to the right,
Stand up!
Sit down!
Grrrrrr-raw! Grrrr-rah! Grrrr-rah! (have the kitties chime in there)

And then the election is on the following Tuesday?! What is going to keep you up at night then?

Made a list of camp songs for you. :0
xxooxx H

kel said...

rock on, my friend. kick that thesis in the butt. then let's celebrate!!!