Friday, March 27, 2009

owl and fishies and friends

thank goodness for wilderness and good peeps. this last week i spent three lovely days in the desert backpacking with friends and it was just what the doctor ordered. grant, chris, annalisa and i went down to the gorgeous cedar mesa area, and hiked down owl canyon, and out fish creek. we spent a day exploring another branch of fish, searching for moon house ruin, but where deterred by a pour off. the canyons were a little more narrow and deep than grand gulch (which i'd done several times before) and more beautiful. lots of deep pools and water, hoodoos in the slickrock, amazing ruins hiding in the cliffs, and all around wonderfulness. we ate good food, talked good talks, got a little cold, soaked in beauty and breathed in good air. it also was a good first of the season blister and sore muscle break in, got to get my feet ready for a summer of outdoors. i love love love being outdoors, carrying what i need on my back, living like a nomad. its a good and necessary change of pace. sometime i'd like to live like that for a whole summer. or year. or decade.


Ann Marie said...

sounds wonderful! trying to slow my life down so i can do the same!

Jenny Mauro Hicks said...

What a wonderful trip!!! I remember Annalisa in Logan (I think this is you!?) when she was the president of the student art guild. We organized a visit by your mom to come and show/talk about her artwork. We organized a couple of events together (Georgia and Rob from Tryst Press came and taught papermaking for one...). Good memories! Please say hello to her for me! l,jenny