Wednesday, March 04, 2009

spring cleaning

don't worry about me! today is much better. true, my life has been a little on the rough side lately, but in a way, i'm grateful for that. it's given me some opportunities to really dig in and do the work of reclaiming myself and improving (and oh man is there ever room for that!) in a way its perfect spring cleaning time. last night i did a lot of that. i came home from work (i'm working as a painter, not an artsy one) and did a two hour scour on the kitchen, including the fridge (seriously scary). i scrubbed and sanitzed, threw out and listened to 'this american life' and 'radiolab'. it was therepeutic. and then chris and i watched 'all about my mother' (sorry davey!) which, like all almondovar films was AMAZING. seriously. he is a genius. chris and i sat in almost stunned silence afterward, but slowly the deep issues of the film gave genesis for a long and emotional talk about a lot of issues/experiences/views we share. it was a good scrubbing, sanitizing, throwing out discussion. it was a tender mercy. i went to bed feeling much more calm, cried a little in a good way, and fell asleep. i love this life of trial and error, learning from those around us, and doing our best to love. there's really nothing else we can do, right? (and i can't wait to scrub the floor this weekend!)


Elise said...

Oh man did I clean my house out last Saturday (2 hours for such a small house!!) and it felt divine afterward. All the windows were open and the sun was shining and my house was CLEAN!! It felt like I had done a little soul scrubbing in the process. Good luck with your floor. Mine is orange linoleum and doesn't look any different when it's dirty or clean but it felt better after a good scrub. :)

Your posts make me very happy. We still miss you in the library and we still have a Fabio magnet on the whiteboard in room one with a heart drawn around him. He's a nice addition to the bare walls.

Ann Marie said...

Sounds amazing. I would like to see that film someday. Hip, hip for hard days! They always lead to the most ah-ha moments. loves!