Monday, September 28, 2009

busy being busy bee

hello friends. that is, if any of you are patient and kind enough to still drop by this silly and woefully neglected blog from time to time. life has been tremendously busy lately. but tremendously good. i bore my testimony yesterday and all i could say was a laundry list of gratitude. i've been blessed. here is a list of recent, and not so recent events:
  1. my job is so great. i am loving it. i love getting to know the students (and secretly, i sort of like being called miss bennion, which i didn't think i'd like). i love getting to work hard, long hours doing things that make a difference and revolve around the things i love most. i love too that i teach a hiking class and a games class- this means each afternoon regardless how much stuff i still have on my desk, i get to don my shorts and head out to the glorious outdoors and enjoy. today we had a roudy game of kickball that earned me some new bruises from base sliding.
  2. the biggest organizational event of my year came and went successfully! somehow i organized and managed 250+ people climbing, attempting to climb and just hanging out on mt. nebo two weekends ago. the day was a big success and we broke all school records with 112 people to the top, 95 of whom were students! the fall colors were perfect, the weather divine, and spirits high and excited. plus my old friend joy (a fellow wasatch '97er) came out to hike as well! two other classmates marta and jess came down to visit as well.
'97 ladies joy, marta, jess, moi, joe in the back
  1. last weekend i had/got to take a group of students rafting on westwater and again we enjoyed perfect warm weather, great water levels, burgers at rays and lots of fun. good bonding time with the students. additional fun was camping out the night before in a gravel parking lot in the abandoned town of cisco where i scared the girls with ghost stories and we counted shooting stars.
sunrise in cisco
  1. i finished knitting my sweater! and knitted a hat! woot! i'll post pics i promise. the best part is the sweater is not a frankensweater and i've already worn it in public. whew.
  2. i finally finished a book on the bus last weekend, the graphic novel 'persepolis' which i've been meaning to read for ages.
  3. the hens are laying good eggs, and reuben is nice and tan from lots of outdoor time.
  4. new friends both near and far.
  5. old friends far and near.
  6. parents near by.
  7. god in my life everyday.


Ashley mae said...

i always check your blog! What lovely things you are doing. I'm glad to hear about them. Could Carl and I join on a trip sometime? much love!

kel said...

nice work! i'm so happy for you in your new job. rock on.