Friday, September 04, 2009

the birthday boy!

today is a special special day . . . PAPA JOE'S BIRTHDAY!!! my dad is really, THE very best one. he says that all the time to me, and i usually blow him off saying he says that to the dog, but i know really that my dad cares for me more than anything in the world. i think that is the greatest gift he's given me is his undying love and support. there are lots of other things my dad has given me as well, things he's really good at like: my dad taught me to love, respect, and dwell in the outdoors it is his passion that introduced me to the deserts and mountains of utah. still today he hikes in the mountains nearly every morning. my dad taught me to be self-sustaining through his great love of gardening. he is a master and raised me to appreciate picking beans at 6:30 am and snapping peas on the front porch. my dad is a very talented and skilled artist and craftsman. he has taught me through example how to follow my bliss and work hard for the things that you feel called to do. my dad has taught me to care for others, especially those who are hard to love as he has tirelessly volunteered working with prisoners for the last 12+ years. my dad has taught me to take seriously the small and simple things as he has been an above and beyond home teacher, helping bring light to many lives. my dad has taught me to value most the things that matter most through his commitment to our family, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. i realize writing this that so much of who i am today, the things i am most passionate about, are because of my dad's good example. i love you so much dad! i hope this is a great day for you! thanks for being who you are. xoxo
ps if you are his friend on facebook send him a happy birthday message!


All the places you love said...

Wow Zina! Joe's going to get an even bigger head than he naturally has by reading this. I must say that all his brothers and sisters have big heads to one degree or another. Happy 57th BD Joe!

Ann Marie said...

well, this one certainly made me cry. what a wonderful dad!

david. said...

i love love love papa joe. God bless that man!