Thursday, April 29, 2010

flower power and prom

green spider chrysanthemum left over from last weekends prom, keeping me company by my kitchen sink
sometimes i really think there is power in flowers. just having them near, to contemplate their glorious existence, the subtleties of their creation, their life cycle, what they represent. and right now, they are pretty much just saving me from the despair of waking up to 8 inches of white fluffy stuff. gorgeous tulips from my backyard, bless whomever planted them, and foliage from the prom and laura
winter is back, like a desperate ex-lover trying to sink their claws in one last time in an attempt to remind us of what we'll miss when she's gone, but really only making us more grateful she's going. don't get me wrong, i love winter, but in her proper season and time. right now i just want to plant my garden and watch my flowers grow. good thing i have all these beauties in my house right now.these darling tea roses were a gift from my friend laura, and the funky vase is a recent acquisition from my local thrift store
oh, p.s. last weekend was the jr prom and since i'm a jr class sponsor, and was the admin on call, i got to go chaperone. my friend christopher came as my date (and totally outshone me in his dapper 1930's vintage tux) and we had a great time cutting the rug and wondering at how the teens only know one dance move . . . and it ain't pretty.


Eliza said...

That green vase in combination with those burnt orange roses is KILLER! We are talking magazine cover cool. Me loves!

Your prom date looks swell, but so do you! I love your shoes. You look simply beautiful!

Sorry to hear about the snow - but loved your comparing it to the spurned lover - there was some fine writing in this post. Yes indeed!

sam said...

he out shone you??!
that's a lie

NEC said...

I read this as "flower power and porn" and got pretty excited, I have to admit.

In Good Company said...

you look beautiful my friend!

Ann Marie said...

is that chris henderson?! i haven't seen him in years!