Thursday, April 01, 2010

today its light

i woke up this morning to about 5 inches on the ground and just groaned and rolled over to snooze for a half an hour. ugh. so today i will share with you something i loved in france, and love everywhere LIGHT! we need it in all shades and intensities. i was transfixed in the old buildings the way the hand poured glass let it light, the patterns it made on the cold floors, the way it shown on the sea. . . i hope this brightens the gray outside!


kel said...

wonderful photos. looking forward to more France posts, etc.

annalisa said...

Hi ZB!!! miss you! I neverever spend time on the computer anymore but am on this rainymorning and am happy to catch a glimpse of your blog, love your photos of light! (my favorite. but also water-- and wind) and amen about the flowers!!! I read it and thought, i wish i knew where to get me some of those cut flowers-- but actually i went a little crazy and treated myself to so many lovelies & little shoots at the orchid festival last month-- old back and appreciate two that are still blooming--