Friday, December 17, 2010


this BREAKS my heart. i love the provo tabernacle, it is what makes downtown provo special. just wednesday i was up in provo and as caleb and i drove past the tabernacle we talked about how much we love it and all the cool things we've seen there. i remember going to stake conference there for a saturday evening session, i remember one year when i lived in provo and had season tickets to the utah valley symphony there, i remember seeing gospel groups perform there, folk group, the messiah, and i remember how i always love looking at the gorgeous minerva teichart painting that graced the back wall. this is such a huge loss and i'm so sad about it. :(
on a happier note, my aunt lucy, who makes the most awesome homemade soap, has a bunch of new soap and is offering a super deal on some free soap if you order 10 bars!!! seriously, this stuff is the bomb. smells good, lathers great, looks pretty and is good for you. buy it.


NEC said...

Ugghhh I totally cried this morning about the tab. I went to stake conference there all growing up. My mom was there last week at the Messiah singalong. So awful. It is condemned now. Ughhhh. PS: Soap link thank you this will cheer me up.

adam said...

I am so bummed about the tabernacle! It was so beautiful. Oh man :(

Tree Peeps said...

I know! I loved the Provo Tabernacle, I can't believe it burned up in the night right before Christmas! I used to see it everyday when I lived on Center street. Like you said, I, too, have so many great memories of conferences, choir performances and even Hugh Nibley's funeral there.
I hope something equally nice is rebuilt in it's place.