Thursday, December 02, 2010

don't mess with three girls in texas

hi folks. hope you all had a swell turkey day. i sure did! my good friend lindsey and i went to visit our other good friend kate who lives in austin, tx (where she has a super awesome life as a writer at utaustin!!!) and had loads of fun. austin is really such a nice city. i'd heard that. and it proved true. it had tons of cool things to do (like eat fresh doughnuts topped with maple glaze and bacon, or go to a movie theater where you could order food at any point during the movie and they'd bring it to you, a FABULOUS bookstore, lots of great food stores, the best knitting store i've ever been too, lots of great vintage shops, and good friends) but it felt like a small town at the same time. real nice. so here are some pics from the adventure. thanks to pack and kate for a most excellent holiday!!! remember the alamo bathrooms!!!


christina q thomas said...

i was in austin too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was wonderful. and warm. and tex mex food was delicious!!!!

Eliza said...

This makes me want to got to Austin, for the movie theater experience alone! Not to mention the cow boy boots.

Glad you had a great T-day!