Thursday, October 26, 2006


Yup. That's my house. It's pretty cute. I like it. Ash and I found it during a 45 minute crazed housing search in Provo. We got lucky. We have the main floor with two large living rooms, a spacious kitchen, two bedrooms, cellar, and lots of awesome features like the big picture window festooned with stained glass, the fireplace, the wood stove (that is so far our sole sourse of heat thanks to wood harvested at the ranch this summer), super high ceilings that are wooden and look like a cabin, red formica in the kitchen nook, and our great landlords/neighbors the Polos. I live here with Ash, Mo, and Pack. They rock. I got a lot of furniture from my grama which makes for it feeling a little more like a real house. It's a super close bike ride or walk to both campus and downtown Provo. Just now I rode my bike to the post office, sewing store, bagel shop and back. There is a bakery across the street. Mmmm. So come visit! I gots a double bed! and a couch! Here's some more views, and details from my room.


Daddy Boy said...

It is beautiful because you are there.

kel said...

it's like ten steps up from the yerk you stayed in this summer... mostly because of the paintings.