Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Heart Tax Returns

Last night I did my taxes. I kind of like it. There is something soothing about filling in all the little details and getting it all right. Maybe it helps a lot that I use a computer program to do it. I figured out a few years ago while working at the library that if you make under a certain amount you can use any number of online tax services for free, paid for by the state of Utah. Pretty sweet. So it takes me like a half hour, and I hit a magic button and wah-lah! It tells me how much I'm getting back and promises a direct deposit in a few weeks. To celebrate I started looking up plane tickets to tropical destinations. . .there are some cheap flights to Hawaii at the end of March. . .anyone for a field trip?


kel said...

uh... sorry to tell you now Z but your W2 was all messed up and you're not getting anything back from the feds or the state. something about being too organized? sorry... i don't know much else about it... i'm just relaying what they told me at the tax prep place.

abfoxxx said...
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Dainon said...

How cheap is cheap? Because Hawaii is on The List for this year. The WHEN, however, has yet to be determined.

That hammock looks real nice.

And I'm too scared to do my taxes. The new tax bracket may mean I'm amongst the owers this year, rather than the receivers.


david. said...

i hear byu does taxes for free too. but it would be nice to learn how to just do it myself. as for hawaii, have fun!
as for us being friends, this is great!

ZLB said...

cheap is about $457 round trip to maui from slc. . . and camping in my two person tent.
Davey I'll teach you how to do your taxes because you are my favorite new friend! and Kel, see if I ever invite you to Hawaii again! j/k j/k!