Tuesday, February 06, 2007

La Mia Famiglia

I know I've been pretty much the crappiest blogger of the new year. I totally meant to post a blog about our awesome New Year's party replete with ice hockey and fabulous fireworks. . .but I didn't. I meant to post about walking half way across frozen Utah Lake at night and the way the hoar frost looked like feathers and the ice like glass. . .but I didn't. I meant to post a blog about the insane liver cleanse Ash and I are doing, but we fell off the wagon after three weeks, so I didn't. I also meant to post a blog all about how I learned to felt wool over Christmas and post pics of the projects I made. . . but alas! None of that either! Oh well. For now I'll just post this pic of my cute family who were finally all together this last weekend. . .a rare thing now that we all live all over the place. Soon to come. . . a report on our Love/Hate Valentine's day party. . . send me an email for an invite! xoxo, ZLB
p.s. I saw the most awesome movie, you should see it! Kamakaze Girls
p.p.s. on the subject of soulmates. . . Ash finally got the name of hers, Morgan, and our other roommate got the name River. . . she wins.

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kel said...

family togetherness and Red Iguana? who could ask for anything more?