Friday, March 02, 2007

Eulogies and Bullhorns

Some recent fun we've had in this neck of the woods include:
1) a funeral/birthday for our friend Chris (he's obsessed with death, in a Latin American sort of way), replete with a funeral parlor living room festooned with somber candles, organ music, a spanish father reading psalms, weeping/giggling guests, a love letter from a cat, eulogies, Neruda, and a miraculous raising from the dead!
2) the next morning we got up bright and early to go raise our voices and shake our fists at the gov.'s mansion in SLC to ask gov. Hunstman to please veto SB155 which would allow Energy Sollutions to expand nuclear waste dumping 50 miles outside SLC without any oversight. 80% of Utahn's were against the bill, but the legislature voted for it by 70% (they also got campaign contributions from Energy Sollutions. We had a good turnout, around 100 and got a lot of honk and wave support from passers by, and some good media coverage. Alas, the gov didn't really listen, and didn't veto the bill. . . so we figuring out the next step (plan a involves a chicken the size of a semi, plan b involves a large add in the tribune). All pics in this post compliments of the totally awesome Davey oh Davey!

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