Tuesday, July 03, 2007


So the other day one of the campers said to me "Zina, there is only one problem with the food here at Birch Creek, there isn't enough meat". My jaw dropped. I feel like all I do is deal with meat; I buy it, I freeze it, I thaw it, I cook it, I serve it. . . maybe we have one or two veggie meals on the menu, but those ones are usually so chock full of beans that meat would only cause a protein overload, even in the system of a teen boy. Today I really had my fill of meat. Breakfast was oatmeal, but then right after I went and bought 30 pounds of turkey boobs (I know its breast, I just like calling it that), which I brought back and promptly cut into steaks and put in the world famous Sanpete BBQ recipe. After which we opened about then thousand cans of tuna fish for tuna melts with a beef heavy minestrone, and to top the day off I cooked about 40 burgs' and 60 dogs down at the lake. REALLY. That is enough meat. P.S. that first pic is ONE turkey boob, ONE. Freaking huge.


Aimee said...

Holy turkey boobs Batman! That is huge!!! It sounds like a meat overdose to me... but I have come to learn that for most boys, there is never enough meat.

Dainon said...

All that meat talk makes my insides ache.