Wednesday, February 25, 2009

birthdays birthdays

there are a lot of birthdays today and tomorrow. all over the world. hundreds of thousands of people i'm sure. but there are a few special ones i want to shout out.
today, is chris nielson's bday! whoopee! chris is totally great. he plays the cherrango, writes poetry (currently at the ranch as artist in residence), has traveled the globe, speaks spanish like a native chilean, or guatamalen, etc, is real real nice, good at listening, and is passionate about his beliefs and ideals. i'm so grateful to have chris in my life!
chris & i on a crazy motercycle ride in the amazon
next up tomorrow (thursday) is my bff davey baby ornegri. davey is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. he is a devoted friend, travel companion, comforter, and adventure haver. he is kind, caring, hilarious, patient, has impeccable taste, is always up for a good time, and comes down so often to see me. i love davey to pieces and look forward to a lifetime of frienship.
me & davey and some old friends
also tomorrow is sister sara vranes!!! my girl on a mission to texas! sara (aka baby cat) is pure sunshine. she is down to earth, tells it like it is, has an infectious laugh, and it devoted to friends, family and truth. she is my soul sister/kindred spirit to the core. i can't wait for her to get home!!!
sara & i on the salt flats
so happy birthday to three of the greatest people i know!! i xoxoxo love you all SOOO much.


Lindsey P said...

Happy birthday friends! that picture of yous guys on bikes is pretty dang cute.

david. said...

i love you, zina! thanks for the blog shout out. like your father always says... "you are the best".

thanks for coming last night. it's always a treat to have you around p-town.

sara said...