Wednesday, February 11, 2009

these days

people ask me what i do now that i'm done with school (the diploma came in the mail the other day-- yippee!). the truth is, i'm not always sure. you know how time just kind of slides by without any significant demarcations sometimes? lots of little things come up (a trip to provo and salt lake to recruit campers, someone needs help, etc.), friends come visit (thanks guys!), little projects get done (like making valentines and sending them out), my sweater is gradually getting knitted, i'm slowly cooking/eating/understanding the nourishing traditions way (which includes making my own keifer, sourdough start, bread, soaking everything, sprouting, dehydrating, making whey . . . its intense), i'm teaching (once a week at byu, twice a week esl classes), my scriptures get read each day, the sky and horizon get watched, thoughts get thought, jobs get hunted out, my pile of books slowly gets read (finished the 2008 o. henry short stories last night, there are some gems), movies get enjoyed (recently 'the year my parents went on vacation' a brazilian film that is stirring and gorgeous), walks/skis get taken, meals get cooked, etc. etc. etc. its just a gentle sort of ebb and flow of life these days. today felt particularly productive because i sent our four letters (valentines), changed a flat tire, got the propane tank filled, filed my taxes, and made my lesson plan. lots of time is simple and silent and i'm happy with that.


andi said...

Hey, why not make one more trip north to my house on Feb. 25th? It's book club night at my house and the book ... Nourishing Traditions! Bring something moldy. (I really want you to come. Great bunch of women including another Zina or two.)

The Baker's Goods said...

Hey.... my cooking has been based on Nourishing Traditions lately as well! How did the Keifer go? I'm making sprouted wheat berries for breakfast this morning.

Lindsey P said...

I'm so glad I got to be one of those visitors! I forgot to send you home with a valentine, but I love you and am glad I got a little extra time the other night.