Wednesday, February 04, 2009


last night i had the craziest dream. i dreamt the obama's hired me as a nanny. but one of the girl's was 16 and learning to drive, and so i would teach her to drive in this HUGE old boat station wagon all over d.c. and i kept telling her she was going to fast. then we went to a grocery store and somehow it turned into my friends and i planning a surprise birthday for my friend elaine. and there was a big huge tub of m&ms. and i was in school again and had just written a big paper on shakespeare and figured that i would give elaine a copy for her bday. i mean who wouldn't want someone's paper for a present? and then it turned out at the party that everyone in the world had an inner robot (kind of like a daemon) that came out whenever you were really mad. well a fight broke out and everyone's robot selves started coming out. most of them were really cute, and they were all really different. and then one of my friends turns out had a KILLER inner robot, not killer as in cool, as in if his inner robot ever came out he would DESTROY the world. and that's what he started doing. and i woke up. obama-robot-apocalyptic birthday.


H said...

Oh, that's great!
Tonight dream about being a super-hero (remember: no capes!) and save the world! You, ZimZam Zina can do it.

About the school paper for a birthday gift? Hmmm, well, I agree, that might not be the best gift. My inner-robot might have something to say about that too.

If you are ever in Utah Co. visit Jules and me! We are reading My Side of the Mountain and I am thinking of you.

Spencer G said...

Your dreams are so awesome. I hope your one friend posts an analysis of this one too. Either way, the inner killer robot is so awesome I can barely stand it.

ellie lou said...

i would love to receive your shakespeare paper for my birthday! [it's april 29th btw]