Tuesday, February 23, 2010

le GRAND voyage

my parents are amazing. today they left on a month long, solo (yup, just the two of 'em) voyage through the grand canyon on the colorado river. they won't be back till march 27th. that's one day AFTER i get back from my two week trip to france, and i don't leave for that for 2 1/2 weeks! crazy right! i'm so so so excited for them (and jealous, and i'll admit a tad worried). they did their first trip down there back in '92, and it's been a torrid love affair every since. this trip will mark my dad's 40th time rowing the canyon. and did i mention A MONTH!!??? they are going to get to do SO many new hikes with the cooler weather and extended time, and camp at all those tiny secluded beaches that are too small for a big commercial or private trip. it's going to be amazing. it's going to be magical. it is a gateway into a new phase for them. an old family friend wrote this to my parents the other day, and i think it beautifully conveys what this trip is about for them:
I am so excited about your and Joe's rafting trip. What I like the most about your trip is that you chose to do it with just the two of you. As I evaluate my life, what I have experienced, what I yearn for, where I am looking to go to, this choice of yours to share this adventure exclusively with each other restores my faith in the concept of true and real love. Love deep enough to weather through both the sunny days and the stormy days of life, love deep enough to work through both pain and joy, love deep enough to overcome personal and couple weaknesses and become stronger and more bonded. Thank you for your example as a couple.
amen to that. i admire my parents and love them so much. they are my heroes, and i'm so proud of them for continuing to dream big and do what they love. please keep them in your prayers so they return home safe!


Ann Marie said...

how exciting! i too am jealous, and know cj will be 100 times more jealous than all of us put together. your parents are so great...can you believe i've never met them?! it's a tragedy if you ask me.
anyway, i will pray for their safety and pray the camera they take captures beautiful images we can all see as soon as they come home ;)

Chas Hathaway said...

Holy cow! Borther Bennion is your dad? I didn't know that! He's the one who runs the pottery shop in Spring City isn't he? He speaks in our ward sometimes, and I love his talks!

Small world!