Monday, March 29, 2010

home from france, still jet lagged

usually i bounce back, but man! it's rough this time! oh well. france was great. the kids were so good. the food was so good. being with my sister for 8 days straight was super great. i will write more and post more pics soon, but for now, this one is for lize, this was eaten in your honor. it was thoroughly enjoyed, but would have been better if you'd been there to share it with me (or just have one of your own!)


Marcus Pulsipher said...

Welcome back! I'm excited to hear about your adventures!

Eliza said...

Zi - I am DYING!!!!! Thank you for eating that for me. It is just what I was hoping for. Oh, that food! (I am actually salivating as I type) If only I could teach Millie how to prepare me one of those bad boys! No more of them Fwance crwackers and cheese string for me (lovely as they may be). Give me one of those lovely creations!

Welcome home! I have been reading your other blog - but am excited to have you posting on your dear own blog again. I've been missing you!