Wednesday, March 03, 2010

march acquisitions

good news! my accountant called me last night and said he'd been wrong and i DON'T have to pay anything for taxes, in fact i'll be getting a little somethin' somethin' back. phew. i was taking the news that i had to pay as some sort of universal adult growing pain, but was really stressed about having to come up with that chunk of change- essentially it would mean buying nada in france. but now i don't have to worry. phew.
this month's acquisitions to my library are appropriately frenchy. the book is 'paris made by hand' by stylist and blogger pia jane bijkerk who's blog i've been reading for quite some time. it's lovely. and this book is her lovely little guide to 50 parisian speciality shops all featuring handmade and crafted goods. it's gorgeous and i'm positively drooling as i plan my visits to some of these gems (again, SO glad about the taxes so i might come away with some little treasures).the film(s) (two for the price of one!) i bought have been some of my favorites since about, oh, third grade: 'jean de florette' & 'manon of the spring'. i remember seeing them at the byu international cinema with my parents and then watching them at home with my third grade french teacher as the guest of honor. they are heart-breakingly devastating and gorgeous and so french. i love them and am so excited to watch them again.speaking of french films, i've been trying to watch as many as i can to get my french ears on and the other night watched this really darling one 'avenue montaigne'. it is a sweet story about the intersection of several people's lives revolving around a little cafe in paris' theater district. tres charmant.


K8 said...

i am so happy you don't have to pay taxes! thank goodness! best news of my day!

Ann Marie said...

love pia's blog, but have been reluctant to buy her book for unexplained reason...perhaps i can look through yours!

p.s. that's awesome you don't have to pay taxes! we're waiting for our accountant to get back to us, but i'm sure we'll be paying taxes to help out arnold and our $20billion deficit. how is it possible to be in debt so much?!

Eliza said...

First: the taxes, RELIEF! JOY! PHEW! I had the same thing happen to me, but I did have to pay the taxes...I wasn't on my way to Paris so I didn't feel it too keenly, but I remember being SUPER bummed. I am so glad that you have a happy ending to this story. I was really feeling sad for you, but now that sadness has turned to JOY!

Second: That book looks totally wonderful. I HOPE that you find many, many treasures in Paris.

Third: I do get to eat fine FRONCH food around here every now and again, but I would love to make a small request - when you are in Paris eating a PERFECT pastry, after you are done will you buy another one and eat it in my honor. That would make me very, very happy indeed!

Oooh! I am SOOO excited for you to go to France!!!

homegrown said...

OH! That book looks great, and how perfect because you actually get to go to France. I have been dreaming of raiding a few 'marche aux puces' myself :)