Thursday, March 04, 2010

oh march, you fickle thing

this morning was sunny and gorgeous. i donned a cotton cardigan and light silk scarf. i rode my bike to work and sang under my breath. and right now? oh, you know. it's a blizzard outside. SIIIIIIIGHHH. march is so mercurial. such a tease. so hot and cold. she drives you crazy like a teen angst love affair. but do not fear. i am keeping it real by remembering that in a weeks time i will be leaving for this gorgeous seaside town on the french riviera where it is currently 57 degrees. focus. keep it real. grit teeth. endure. (but please know that really i am grateful for the snow. we need the water).


sam said...

so jealous of your france trip. so jealous.

NEC said...

Ahh so excited to see your exploits and adventures from this trip on this blog!