Thursday, January 24, 2008

bagtagbagtabgatgabgtb. . .

so, cute sami tagged me with this bag tag. the rules are:
1. Show a picture of your bag
2. Show a picture of ALL the contents of your bag- no cleaning out first!
3. "Bag Tag" 5 people
man all this tag is making me tired.I bought this bag at a little store in Lima Peru this summer, I was the woman's first credit card purchase. She buys antique Cusqueno fabrics and then designs and makes the bags herself. I love the stripey stripes!
  • the text book i'm teaching from this semester, stuffed with the class roll so I can try to memorize all 52 students names. . .
  • notebook from italy which is my current scripture journal, i'm trying to do all the sunday school reading ahead of time. . hence the BoM cute mini size!
  • my pride and joy moleskin day planner/journal, these are divine
  • keys
  • wallet, checks, loose change
  • leatherman pocket knife/tool. . .you never know. . .
  • phone
  • flash drive
  • lip glosses
  • antique pill case from my grama. . .stuffed with ibuprofen
  • grading/scripture marking pens
  • mini tub of mom's stuff. . .miracle cure all from my mommio
  • trash, not bag is complete without it, you never know when you'll need a scrap of paper
  • I tag pack, mary, ashleigh (she has the CUTEST red bag), hailey, davey (do your cusco bag!)

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calibosmom said...

I just happened upon your Blog-we both like the move Enchanted April. I loved seeing what is in your purse-really cute purse! I was born and raised in Utah but now live on the East Coast.