Tuesday, January 01, 2008


So tomorrow my parents and I will finally take the very very last load of our belongings out of the house that has been our home my entire life. On the one hand I can't wait to be done as this has been a butt buster project, but I think it will also be pretty sad. Its so weird walking into our home and have it be so empty. . . trying to imagine another family's possessions populating it in a week or so. It was strange the other day to drive into town and have to turn a few streets early to get to my parents new home. I am however very very happy a family is moving in, and hope that our dear house will be as loving and nuturing a home for them as it has been for us. On the last day that we were all home together in early December my dad hired a photographer to come and take pictures of we Bennion's in our natural habitat. While is was super awkward in the moment, I'm glad we have them. I'll miss our old house, but am glad that I still have a home in Spring City.

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