Monday, January 07, 2008


remember freeze tag? or music tag? man, tag is such a great game.

8 things I'm passionate about
1. the gospel
2. nature/being outside
3. service/being kind
4. community
5. growing/cooking food and feeding people
6. art in lots of forms both creating and viewing/reading
7. loving and serving my family and friends
8. progression

8 things I want to do before I die
1. have a family
2. sail around the world for a year preferably when my children are in their early teens
3. build my own home/community
4. read the old testament ALL the way through in order
5. become really good at making bread, and maybe even grow my own wheat
6. serve wherever i am
7. be self-sufficient
8. spend time in africa

8 books I have read recently
1. the history of love
2. blankets
3. christ and the new covenant
4. the time of the butterflies
5. love in the time of cholera
6. koko's kitten (and I cried and cried)
7. as you like it
8. currently: the idiot

8 things I often say
1. H
2. meow
3. roobie boobie skins/ kittah kittah/cute face
4. are/were they smoking crack rock?
5. i love you
6. hieee/byeeee
7. oh man
8. si senor

8 things that attract me to friends
1. kindness
2. sincerity
3. sense of humour
4. ability to engage in meaningful/real conversations about important things
5. interests and passions
6. integrity
7. adventuresomness/sense of wonder about the world/creativity
8. the way they treat their family

8 songs and albums I could listen to over and over
1. rabbit songs- hem
2. i found a reason- cat power
3. i feel it all- feist
4. psalm 23- choir of christ church cathedral
5. vashti bunyan
6. since i still tell you my everyday- innocence mission
7. dig me a hole- dawn landes
8. romeo and juliet (the ballet score)- prokofiev

8 things I learned this year
1. live in faith not fear
2. be true to your heart/gut even when its really hard and goes against reason
3. always react in kindness
4. the lord really is watching over us in the details
5. you can't give when you are emotionally depleted
6. you are still useful even when you think you aren't
7. things are always scarier in your mind then they are in real life
8. cheap winds up being expensive

8 Random things about me
1. i have dimples in both shoulders
2. my favorite jelly belly flavor is pop corn
3. sometimes i wish i had more siblings
4. i love snail mail
5. i used to purposefully get out in the spelling bee because i hate competitions
6. i've had 5 seizures in my life and have passed out a number of times
7. i've never died my hair
8. i used to stage and perform long informercials in the bathroom as a kid, no one watching but me in the mirror

8 People I tag
1. pack (cause it means she'll have to start a blog)
2. camille
3. kelly
4. andi (cause we're blog friends)
5. heather sanders
6. ash sanders
7. bardhi (yeah right)
8. dainon


kel said...

is that kelly me? just checking because once i thought i was the only kelly - then i found out i wasn't - and it don't want to be a big nerd, again.

H said...

Wow Zina. I wanna go on a date! Wait... can't do that... um, wanna hang out and play? I like your list of what you like in people. Humor is at the top of my list too. Humorous short-short: Karl (12) is so funny, last night at dinner he told C, in his best GWBush voice, "Go on, you are the decider! Now, who's gunna say the prayer?"

I like Obama too. How did you like darling Hilary's tears? Wasn't that just so touching? She makes me ill.

ZLB said...

kelly you are totally the only kelly in my life. h i would love to play too! lets make a date! (a play date)

andi said...

Wow, can't I just donate a couple of pints of blood and call it good? This is a really hard tag. I don't know that much about myself.

Fine! But give me a couple of days.

And I might use the number 3 instead of 8.

Julie said...

I found your blog through Hailey. I liked what you put about yourself. I stayed with you lists to the end.

Liz said...

After reading through your list I was amazed, after not talking to you in so long, that we are so much alike. It's awesome. I definitely need to call you when I visit Utah next time. Until then, I'll just keep up with you on your blog.
-Liz Carr

Heather Sanders said...

All right, Zina. I'm about the worst list-maker in the world. So, it's going to take me a while to think of 8 whole things to list about so many topics. But, I promise I will do it.

Mary said...

This is the best result to come of "tagging" that I have ever seen.