Wednesday, January 16, 2008

mercredi sans paroles

last night i dreamt i was speaking french. and also I dreamt that I was stading in front of this house (our former home) with my parents and there were 13 rainbows in the sky. it was a most magnificent sight, they were all full and vibrant and overlapping eachother, i felt like i could almost touch them. and then i realized that it wasn't our house anymore. but we went in to visit the new family, and i was relieved they hadn't changed it too much. and i had to show the new mother how to properly stoke the wood stove. and when were were leaving i couldn't find my shoes anywhere (which shoes weren't mine to begin with and were far too big for my feet) so I left barefoot. too bad i don't know a thing about dream interpretation. and i don't know why i call this a wordless wednesday when obviously i've got lots of words. hmm. dreams.


Emily W said...

Hey Zina, this is Emily Weinheimer. Thanks so much for stopping and talking to me at the track the other day. I totally felt like it was a little gift from Heavenly Father. It was totally what I needed. You are so great!

Sami said...

Ok first of all, how cute is Emily??? Just reading her comment made me smile. :) <-like that.
I bet moving from that beautiful memory-soaked house was hard. It's never easy but I think a house like that would be a bazillion times more difficult to get over.

eped said...

what a picture! and what a dream. it sounds like a blessing or some kind of confirmation. it also makes me think of Oz.

(a friend of mine once had an idea for one of those natural disaster movies like 'twister' or 'the day after tomorrow' except with rainbows. everywhere. like millions of them...)

andi said...

WOW! The TREE!! It's like looking at the Morning of the First Resurrection. Maybe that is where your dream interpretation should start.

I will work on a real interpretation and get back to you. No shoes? Hmmm.

andi said...

OK. I have been thinking about this and here's what I have come up with ...

1. House in Rainbows = House is lifeted into the heavens with other mythic celestial bodies.

2. 13 Rainbows = So much good luck that it has twisted from good luck to unlucky luck.

3. Not your house = Not who you are but who you were.

4. Not much changed = your foundation will always remain unchanged.

5. Stoking the Fire = This is the most interesting part. Of course this means you are Hestia, the virginal Greek goddess of the hearth (Roman: Vesta).

She is the patron of the hearth and vows to stay a virgin, doesn't even like it when her girlfriends decide not remain virginal forever. BUT, eventually, Hestia gives away her immortal place on Mt. Olympus to join humanity. (She hands off her immortality to Dionysus, but that is a dream for another day.)

6. You leave the house = Just like Hestia, you must decide to leave your little bit of Mt. Olympus surrounded by rainbows. You hand the immortal flame to the new mother of the house.

7. You can't find the shoes that weren't yours to begin with and were too big. = Shoes are very interesting in dreams. Often it is our shoes who define who or what we are. If you were trying to "fill someone else's shoes" that means you were trying to be what you are not.

By looking for the shoes that will carry you out of your immortal myth on Mt. Olympus, this implies you are search for your role among humanity. What will you be in the lone and dreary world.

Of course, since you are Hestia leaving Olympus, this mean you are considering leaving your vow of chastity at the door as well -- hint, hint, wink, wink.

Which leads me to the conclusion that you might be involved in a relationship that is both exciting and threatening. It is good in that you do not question your foundation and divinity. It is slightly more threatening in that it has caused you to wonder if your past was so charmed, so blessed by the muses that it will be impossible to replicate in your future life as a human. If you are human, you are no longer virginal and if you are no longer virginal, you will be a mother. If you are a mother you feel the weight of 13 rainbows to recreate your paradise for the next generation.

And, this relationship must be so different from others that you are wondering what role you will play in it. What kind of shoes will you wear? Do you need something delicate and pretty or steel-toed and fireproof? I can't answer that question for you.

The real question is who is your Dionysus? Is he a curly-haired youth full of parties? That remains to be seen.

As for the French ... it's just a dream and everyone should speak French in their dreams.

ZLB said...

holy h-ing crap andi. you just blew my world. or as my friend lady elaine says 'freaked my frequency'. we should talk. and not just via blog comments. seriously. big zina needs a play date with baby zina and her mommio. you rock.

andi said...

I should have warned you that I am really good at this dream thing. One question ... what is "h-ing"?

Also, you should be really jealous of me right now because I have the band Good Morning Maxfield practicing in my basement.

ZLB said...

i am so jealous. I am h-ing jealous. H is a term my friend sara started, short for hell. so it makes not grammatical sense to say H-ing, but its pretty funny, and fun to say. and yes you are SO good at the dream thing. dead on.