Sunday, November 08, 2009

a capitol time in the reef

another camping weekend, this time to capitol reef. i love capitol reef. it's one of the parks that gets less traffic then arches or zions, and it's so simple and lovely and quaint. i love the dreamy big cotton woods (that were ablaze in gold!) the fruit orchards, pioneer vestiges, and great hiking. we spent the night under the crisp cold stars (after reveling around the fire with stories and songs), and the next morning hiked the kohab trail to the frying pan trail, to cassidy arch (yup ol' butch used to hang there) and then down to grand wash. it was a lot of fun, replete with more ipod karaoke (an unsuspecting couple hiked up upon my incredible rendition of bob marley's 'three little birds') and lots of laughing in the sunshine.


hanna b said...

zina you have the best job ever! miss you

Ann Marie said...

you DO have the best job ever! oh, how we miss that place. capitol reef is mine and my grandpa's park...spent many weeks there with him. soak it all up for me!

Susan said...

I just love capitol reef. Makes me smile to see your photos.