Monday, November 30, 2009

old friends are like quilts

comfortable, beautiful, made with love and care over a long period of time, something you keep forever. one of my dearest old friends is ashley thayer. we met at a pony club meeting when i was 12 and she was 13. my mom invited her to sleep over and that was the start of inseparability during our young teen years. we would ride horses (usually bareback) all over spring city, hide out in the soccer field late at night, make mix tapes (crazy edna files), make waffles (and dream of the breakfast restaurant we would one day open that would have a big outdoor garden, horses, and a rule that everyone be wearing flannel pjs) and share our secrets and dreams. then in college we would visit each other in our respective providence and broxville, and then there was the year i lived in florence and she in rome and we had christmas in switzerland together. as we've grown older our lives have made it impossible to ride bikes between our houses, but when we talk (usually once a year or so) and even better see each other, its just like old times. we talked last week and it was so great. i love ash. and i LOVE the new project she's been working on, quilt making! out of hand died fabrics! (i hope my efforts to run my own tie dye business back in the day maybe influenced her?) aren't they GORGEOUS!!!??? not to mention her stunning paintings and photography, check her out here. buy some.

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