Monday, December 07, 2009

favorite things

i'm not oprah. nor do i want to be. but i have favorite things, more a la maria von trapp/julie andrews favorite things. things that make it all better. things that warm my heart. so maybe this month i'll share a few with you:
1. SNOW. lots of it. it sure made my morning to wake up to 7 fresh inches with more on the way. i also LOVE making paper snowflakes. and i make LOTS of them.
2. i love love love this tea. you should try it. it's warm and sweet and delicious. perfect for a wintry day. even more perfect with some cream in it. try is in a thermos on a snowshoeing outing.
3. i love flannel sheets and more especially flannel nightgowns. anyone whose lived with me knows it's true. and yes i have the same one i had as a girl in grown up size and wear it most nights.
4. i really love this shade of nars nail polish. i used to hate nail polish on my fingers. and then i lived with kate. end of story.
5. i love gaiters. they keep the snow out and are ever so handy whether in the mountains or city. best winter accessory by far.
6. i love love love reading good books curled by the fire. LOVE it. i just bought a copy of one of my favorite winter time reads; 'winter's tale' by mark helprin (however, please note while i love this book i HATE the ending, it's still worth it though). it's got some of the most magical, beautiful story telling i've ever read and is such a treat to read.
7. i la la love good christmas music (by which i mean old classics, choral music, non-schmultzy covers, and not the stuff you hear in a mall). lately this is the one i've got on repeat (plus i love 'efl').


sam said...

so glad you posted this song. it reminded me how much i l.o.v.e. it.

Jenny said...

Your snowflakes are SOOOOO beeeyoooteefull Zina!!

Lindsey P said...

man i miss that flannel nightgown. and, i've recomended that lovely book to many peeps. it was so great. I think about the part when the girl is playing piano and they meet alot. so good.